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Dedicated Expediting Services for Canada, the US & internationally

Expedited Delivery Service - Air and Ground Freight Transportation Solutions

City Transfer can move freight freely and quickly across borders without Customs delays, using one of the largest infrastructures of fleet trucks on the continent. We can arrange a truck, aircraft, or both to assure your urgent shipment is delivered as soon as possible to its destination. City Transfer will make all arrangements and keep you informed each step along the way.

Surface Expedite

Point-to-point shipping using the same vehicle, this eliminates sorting and excess handling, and facilitates quick, reliable response control. Whether short or long distance, domestic or trans-border, City Transfer provides door-to-door time critical delivery all across Canada…and beyond.

Air Expedite

Urgent air shipments are delivered door-to-door within hours when ground transportation is not fast enough. Customized to fit customers' needs worldwide, City transfer can arrange an aircraft and accompanying ground transportation dedicated to get your shipment to its destination without delay.

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